Abruzzo: unrivaled nature, history & flavors

Amazing tour in Abruzzo, across nature, history and flavors

Nothing like the product of the earth contains and brings in the sum of all the things that are found in that land. The earth does not produce by chance as everything is the synthesis of infinite stories, of human paths, of discoveries, of mistakes and returns and of new progress. All this tells a story and what characterizes it is that so many thin wires are eventually connected and intersected, and form a canvas and a design that would not have been the same if even one wire had another colour or were missed.

So for us a valley of vineyards is not a company, but the final part of a history whose current chapter we have arrived to build while others will follow. In the same way, for us, ours is not a valley like many others: it has those woods, those mountains, those streams and the currents of air that make it unique among all, a small world not to be featured elsewhere, except in other ways and with other characters.

What we are about to tell you is the history of amazing italian territory and its soul.

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